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YAVEO: Direct TV’s New Online Spanish-Language Video Streaming Service

In a bid to draw multi-lingual viewers to view most of their content online, DirectTV has curated YAVEO. The service, which isn’t available outside the U.S., will stream TV shows, on-demand movies, children, and sports programming over the internet to PCs, MACs, and Android-devices. A price tag of $7.99 monthly without the requirement of a DirectTV subscription ensures it will be a hit among its target audience.

AT&T is awaiting approval for is $48.5 billion acquisition of Direct TV; The purchase is being used to expand its pay-TV, internet, and wireless service throughout Latin America.  Direct TV owns 41% of Sky Mexico–Mexico’s largest satellite TV provider.

Internet-TV based packages give customers expanded options as more people begin to watch content via personal computers and increasily, mobile devices.  As major companies seek to grow, they are looking to cross-cultural, dense markets to secure new footing.  YAVEO sits among of growing list of pay-TV services that target segmented, multi-cultural customers.



Newsstands Be D*#%ed: Sports Illustrated on the iPad

Judging by the looks of this Sports Illustrated demo created by The Wonderfactory and Time, Inc., the Apple iPad is working hard to give print magazines a run for their money.

According to The Wonderfactory the iPad demo is, “an excellent example of how tablets will enable the creation of innovative, addictive experiences by publishers, media companies, and advertisers.”

Can’t you hear the collective magazine publishers shaking in their Barker Blacks and sweating out their Thomas Pink shirts? Or is this a sign that new technology should be accompanied by new leadership? Frankly, as cool as it looks and as convenient as it might be, I really like the tactile experience of turning pages. Call me “an analog girl in a digital world.”