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Thirst for Multicultural TV Satisfied Online


It’s no secret that there’s a dearth of multicultural roles in Hollywood on either the big screen or silver screen. Even J.J. Abrams’ vision of Middle Earth (“Lord of the Rings,” from J.R.R Tolkein) was populated by only milky-skinned faeries and hobbits, wizards and knights. But this dilemma has not stopped homegrown content creators from producing their own programming. For distribution, sites such as YouTube and Vimeo allow users to create Channels that perfectly house episodic content and grow audiences through subscriptions.

There are several web series gaining millions of views from their respective demos, and attention from potential advertisers. Most recently, Issa Rae’s “Adventures of Awkward Black Girl” has exploded, averaging 180,000 views per episode and currently has over 12MM channel views.[1] Shonda Rhimes, executive producer of primetime gems “Scandal” and “Grey’s Anatomy” recently greenlit another Rae spinoff “I Hate LA Dudes.”[2] Donnie Leapheart’s “Osiris” won the “Best Web Series at the 2012 American Black Film Festival.[3] Latino web series “East Willy B” centers Willy Jr. who struggles to keep his Bushwick bar afloat amidst gentrification. The series has some heavy hitters on both sides of the camera, and earned 100,000+ views in its first 6-episode pilot thus far.

The term “web series” no longer equates to a few teens recording pranks on their mobile phones in a poorly lit room. Some online shows tackle serious issues with HD production value and quality. Even the author of this article has produced a Mommy-centric web series entitled “Mommy UNcensored™: Confessions of a Real Mom,” based on his wife’s adventures through motherhood. This wild comedy tackles the serious challenges that motherhood poses upon a woman’s body, marriage and social life.

Networks are getting in on the fun, too. The Comcast-owned TV channel Mun2 is set to produce 3 web series targeting the Latino demographic.[4] With the pioneering of Internet TV colliding with emerging smart TV technology that streams the web, it’s only a matter of time before these web series jump from YouTube to the Silver Screen.

By Justin Jordan, Sr. Art Director


If a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words…

Then a video is worth a million!

“A picture is worth a thousand words”.  This saying has been time tested, tried and true.  Companies use photos to sell their product or service.  How many billboards did you see on your way to work today?  Did you see the one for healthcare or the hospital with a photo of a doctor?  What about the one with the beautiful beaches with a couple sitting in lounge chairs.  Maybe you saw the one with a photo of a university, their school logo and students walking and smiling with backpacks on.

Each of these “pictures” tells a story.  It could be to have this particular facility as your healthcare provider or hospital of choice.  Or the beach billboard may show a great place for a relaxing getaway.  The university photo may scream “Attend to this school! It’s a great place for students to learn and have fun.”  Regardless, the company is hoping to get their message across to their target audience.

With technology changing so quickly and social media growing with every blink, there is yet another way to capture the attention of your audience…Video!  It is used to show everything from the winning field goal kick to fixing a leaky faucet.  Companies have now found using video as the new wave in their marketing effort.

Videos can be imprinted (or embedded) on the company website, posted on YouTube, or shared on Facebook and Twitter.  The great thing about videos, you’re able to clearly express your message.  There are also tracking tools to see how many views you get and how effective it is.

In order to not only grab your target’s attention but make them want to share/recommend/like the video, think outside the box and start getting comfortable being uncomfortable.  You can use a 30 second testimonial or “Here’s why you should choose us” ad.  Have fun and be creative.  Remember, you only have a short time frame to get the attention of your audience.  Make it memorable and make it count!


What is your target audience saying?


I have something to say.  Yes, it’s important, but how will it apply to you?  How strong is the message and why would you want to hear it?  It’s true that what I have for you is vital to the growth of your business, but how am I going about getting the message to you?

It all starts with knowing your target audience.  This point has been stressed over and over.  Let’s explore it it once again, but from a different perspective this time.  If you want the most bang for your buck, meaning if you want to reach the majority of your audience at one time, go to where they are.  You wouldn’t look for a basketball player at a polo match.  It seems so simple, but yet this detail is commonly overlooked.

How many times have you seen a commercial that just didn’t seem to fit the station or show?  It’s like showing women’s feminine products on an all sports television station.  While women do watch sports, you will probably capture more of your audience on WE TV or on Oprah’s channel, OWN.

Your commercial may not be one size fits all.  Is your product?  Do only men of a certain race shave?  Do all women use the same type of shampoo?  What you want to convey to your audience is important.  How you convey it is even more important.  Here are some questions to remember:

* What appeal do you want to have and how do you want your target audience to respond?
* How relatable is your marketing effort to your target audience? (something that is familiar to them)
* How realistic is your approach? (Target audience picturing themselves in the need for your product/service)
* Are you using the right avenues? (Tv, print, radio, billboards, social media)
* Are you at the right place at the right time? (Radio commercial for quick carryout meals at a restaurant between 5-7pm)

Although what you’re saying is important, how you’re delivering the message is the difference between having a video online and one going viral.

Can You Afford To Be Safe?

Image by: ynicohup.github.com

When we think of safe what comes to mind?  What’s for dinner? How was your day? What are your plans for the weekend?…  If you search “what safe decisions lead to success”, not a lot of pertinent information will come up.  The word “safe” is not directly associated with success.  You can publish the same ad in the same magazine and reach the same audience every year.  That’s safe, or is it?

On the other hand, search “what risky decisions lead to success”.  The response is overwhelming. There is even a list of companies, entrepreneurs and celebrities that share their biggest risk.

The “safe” general market campaign may not work for your new audience. Maybe it is time to take a risk. There is one thing for sure…If you do the same thing you probably will obtain the same results, however in this market, you might actually receive less! Maybe it’s time to explore.  What are you doing to get out of your safe zone?  Can your product/service be consumed by more than one audience?  Has your target market changed but you’re still advertising to the same target?  You could be missing out on a whole new opportunity for additional sales and market share!

To have an entire staff that is able to focus on a specific area, means there is a demand for it.  Today there are agencies that specialize in social media marketing, flash mobs, and multicultural marketing.

Understand that the safe approach can get you to a few levels but the risk approach can get you a Susan Boyle (singer, Britain’s Got Talent winner), a Rosa Parks (considered mother of the Civil Rights movement), or even a Facebook (Mark Zuckerberg, entrepreneur).

The term “Go hard or go home” resonates not just in sports but in personal, career and marketing arenas.  So again I ask you, Can you afford to continue to be safe?


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POTUS Launches African-Americans For Obama; Continues Campaigning in the Digital Space

On February 1st, President Barack Obama took to YouTube and Barackobama.com to announce the creation of his new African Americans For Obama group. In yet another groundbreaking campaigning move, the POTUS is staying ahead of his competitors by continuing to find innovative ways to utilize the digital space. Watch the video below.

According to the original story on Barackobama.com, this group is a channel of support for Obama’s reelection, encouraging “volunteering or joining your local neighborhood team as a Black Business Captain, Congregation Captain, Barber Shop & Beauty Shop Captain, or HBCU Organizer.”

Something that stands out when clicking the video is its low number of views. As of about 1PM EST on February 2nd, the video had only amassed roughly 25,000 views despite going live one day before Continue reading