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Can I Touch Your Hair?

Can I Touch Your Hair

People are allowed the chance in NY to touch AA women’s hair

Almost every woman of color I know has been asked this question at least once in their lives. It’s always a question that brings discomfort, and often, a side eye…..

Well this past weekend, the founders of un-ruly.com gave spectators in NYC the opportunity to end their curiosity. During a two-hour exhibit on Thursday, June 6th, spectators in Union Square were able to touch live women’s heads, with a variety of hair ranging from straightened and sleek, coarse and kinky, to locs. The exhibit also took place during another two-hour span on June 8.

Not only is this an excellent tactic to start dialogue around this culturally, somewhat taboo fascination with ethnic hair, but it has also served as an experiential marketing strategy to build exposure for the Un’Ruly blog. As a result of the exhibit, the blog has been featured on websites for The Huffington Post, AOL, Jezebel, Refinery29 and more.

Want to learn more about the exhibit? Check out this link for more info: ‘You Can Touch My Hair’ Exhibit

What do you think Atlanta? Would you attend or participate in this exhibit if it were here?