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Will You Love Me for Breakfast?

Will You Love Me for Breakfast?For years, McDonald’s, Burger King, Chick-Fil-A have all been dominate forces in the breakfast game.  Recently, others have been testing the market.  Taco Bell, Wendy’s and Popeyes have expanded some of their locations to include breakfast items.

Taco Bell recently launched breakfast with a Waffle Taco, A.M. Crunchwrap and A.M. Griller, along with other items.  Wendy’s breakfast list includes a Mornin’ Melt Panini, an Artisan Egg Sandwich and a Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit.  Popeyes’ extended menu serves up grits, country fried steak biscuit, and of course their signature Louisiana’s Best Chicken Biscuit.

While they may still be in test mode, other franchises have made the successful transition into breakfast.  Dunkin’ Donuts has expanded their menu to include an assortment of breakfast sandwiches, even some that are targeted to health conscious individuals.  One of the fastest growing QSR chains, Subway has made breakfast a part of their day for over three years.

BBDO surveyed 1,000 Millennials about their eating-out habits and attitudes (including their views on some of the most popular QSR and fast-casual restaurants).  Among those ages 13 to 29: 18.5% are Hispanic; 14.2% are black; 4.3% are Asian; 3.2% are mixed race or other; and 59.8% are white.  According to the research, 60% of Millennial “foodies” eat at fast-food restaurants at least once a week.  Millennials use food as a form of self-expression and entertainment.  When Millennials likes something, they share it with their world through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  The same goes for when they don’t like something, everyone will know.

Millennials will share what’s on their mind and they also respect each other’s opinions.  The advertising is in but the jury is out…Will Taco Bell, Wendy’s and Popeyes be able to take a slice of the breakfast quiche?  Tell us, would you still love them for breakfast?


I Am Not Spanish!

Don't just know your target, understand them!

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Often times it’s quite obvious when someone is not familiar or in some sort of contact with other ethnicities.  It’s an uncomfortable subject but it doesn’t have to be.  In marketing, it’s imperative to not only know your target audience, but understand and properly address them.

Imagine if you will a marketer presenting to a potential client.  The marketer is the “expert” on selling widgets to a particular demographic.  In the presentation, the marketers says, “And we completely understand and are leaders in marketing to the Spanish”.  Hmm.  What’s wrong with that statement?  Just because some speaks Spanish, doesn’t mean they’re from Spain.  The proper term is Hispanic or Latino.  The terms Blacks and African Americans for the most part are interchangeable.  But Africans and African Americans are NOT substitutable.  (If you don’t know the issue with this, please see me for an explanation.)

We all want to sound smart and be at he top of our game.  Just don’t try to be something you’re not.  Not having the right representation could shut you out of an entire market and label your business as insensitive, culturally unaware or even racist.  In the search for business, make sure to have the right partner that truly understands a particular market, not just their stereotype.

Millennials Want Something New

What are you doing to reach the millennials?

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I’ll admit it.  I never had a MySpace page and I was hesitant to get on
Facebook.  Twitter…me?  Insta…who?  But I quickly learned that if I
wanted to keep up with the changing times, I needed to try something new.
Facebook is my best friend and popular restaurants now follow me on
Twitter.  Social media has become a way of life for me and I have the Apps
to prove it!

As a company, when you’re trying to reach your target market, keep their
form of communication in mind.  Good luck sending Millenials a letter in
the mail and expecting them to reply.  Or, tweet my 77 year-old grandma
and think she’ll re-tweet.  Although there may be exceptions to the rule,
let’s look at current trends.

African American Millennials (16%) are significantly more likely than
Hispanic Millennials (10%) to regularly use social networking sites to
make sure they purchase the best product at the best price.*  If your
company is stuck in 1999, it’s time to fast forward.  Millennials are the
driving force behind social media.  One good idea will be shared, liked,
re-tweeted and copied.  Just look at the new “Harlem Shake” phenomenon.
Everyone from members of the Army to the Miami Heat have jumped on the
band wagon.

It’s okay to try something new.  Just make sure you’re using the right
platform to reach your target market or you could be missing out on an
entire generation of customers.  Adapt, change and grow.  Your target
customer is!

MIL ­ TS2. Which, if any, of the following websites do you belong to, and
which one do you use most often?
MIL ­ SH2. Which of the following resources do you regularly use to make
sure you purchase the best product at the best price?
Base: 16-30 year olds  (African American = 339, Hispanic = 464, White =

IMAGES Wins Big, Goes 2-For-2 at the 4A’s Institute for Advanced Advertising Studies

Simon shows off his 4A’s Advertising Excellence Award

IMAGES USA would like to congratulate our very own Simon Trabelsi for completing the American Association of Advertising Agencies’ (4A’s) 2012 Institute for Advanced Advertising Studies (IAAS) program, as well as being awarded the 4A’s Advertising Excellence award as part of the winning team, “Mosaic.”

The IAAS is a 16-week program consisting of rising stars from various advertising agencies ranging from internationally esteemed companies such as J. Walter Thompson and BBDO, to smaller shops like IMAGES. Divided into five groups, each team tackled the project assigned by this year’s client, Church’s. The judges and clients cited a true understanding of the target audience and an innovative cause-driven mobile/ social media component as the ultimate determining factors in awarding the Mosaic team first place.

This marks the second consecutive year that IMAGES has sent a representative to the IAAS program, and the second time an IMAGES representative is a part of the winning team!

Simon also excelled here at IMAGES while simultaneously managing the rigors of the program, continuing to drive results across our clients’ brands and recently earning a promotion to Senior Account Executive and Social Media Strategist. Congratulations to Simon on the award, the promotion and a job well done! Kudos!

Work hard, play hard! The Mosaic team impressed judges with their teamwork and strong strategic acumen

Multicultural Tech Startup Seeks Next Step In Social Media’s Evolution From Pastime to Productivity

Continuing the trend of Millennials establishing themselves as innovators and drivers of the economy, a cause-driven tech startup aims to optimize collaboration in social media through their goal-sharing app zuggol.* IMAGES is happy to see young entrepreneurs from our community making the most of the digital age. Kudos!

True to Millennial form, Zuggol is a cause-driven startup ran by a young group of multicultural entrepreneurs in the Tech-heavy San Francisco Bay Area. Learn more about the Social Media-savvy founders here.

The Digital Age is heavily focused on collaboration and sharing, between brands and users alike; sites like Facebook are built on the fundamental belief that humans are naturally social and love sharing our experiences with others. Since not every experience can be shared in person, we do our best to capture our them through photos (which has evolved to create apps like Instagram), video (YouTube) and across a number of similar platforms. Really, we’re just super-evolved versions of the cavemen who documented their experiences through wall paintings, or ancient Egyptians who used hieroglyphs.

Dating back to the dawn of man (cue 2001: A Space Oddyssey-theme music), we’ve had the urge to show others where we’ve been, and we’ve gotten much better at it over the years; now we also update our friends on where we are through apps like Twitter, Foursquare, or Highlight; we also express who we are by showing where we’re going and what we believe, and we love collaborating with our peers through sharing knowledge/ info/ resources that can help us each toward a common goal.

So which mediums truly optimize this experience by helping us along the way?

Enter zuggol, a platform based on the belief that a key to achieving goals is making them fun, having support, and sharing them with friends for motivation. Currently undergoing final testing and tweaks, the first version of the app is scheduled to hit the market for download late summer/ early fall 2012.

The platform will consist of five sectors: Education, Music, Fashion, Fitness, and Fun. Once goals are established, progress within each sector can be followed by friends, encouraging resource/information sharing to help users reach each milestone along the way. From starting a small business to training for a marathon, zuggol aims to help out and give Social Media a boost in its transition from a pastime to a truly productive endeavor. Stay tuned!

* On zuggol: Yes, the app is all lower-case (capitalize when referring to the company) and it seems hard to pronounce. You can help influence one of those concerns by voting on the app’s pronouncement here– they’ll even plant a tree for every 100 votes!

How do you use Social Media? Just for a fun pastime, as a resource for optimizing productivity, o a little bit of both? We want to hear from our readers! Comment below or Tweet us @IMAGESUSA. We will make sure to check back for an update on the success and engagement of zuggol.

The Global Creativity Gap: My Right-Brainer Analysis of Left-Brainer Research (Where’s Our Creativity Going? Pt. 3)

Last week our Social Media Strategist/ Sr. Account Executive Simon Trabelsi shared a quasi-scathing and largely ignored glove-slap response to writer Sam Laird‘s article on Adobe’s April 2012 study, “The State Of Creative.” Today, Simon provides his POV on the global creativity gap implied in the research data.

Click title to expand full infographic

Disclaimer: Though I wish I could use every single key finding in this research as irrefutable empirical ammunition to further my quest for creative appreciation (“Feed the creatives!” is what we always say around these parts), I do have reservations regarding the methodology. I’ve outlined my concerns in full here.

Despite my concerns, I regard the conclusions drawn from the study as a legitimate indicator of societal trends and will provide my reactions simply because I’ve realized not everyone sees or supports my opinion on the long term solution to strive for (or even on whether the research indicates a problem that needs to be solved).  Continue reading

The Global Creativity Gap: Methodology Concerns

Read the full study on the creativity gap, entitled “The State Of Creative” here

Continue reading