MulticulturalMarketing.com is the official IMAGES USA blog, providing a 360° cultural viewpoint with a multicultural marketing twist. From innovative multicultural marketing campaigns to pop culture, creative art and design, relevant industry news, and lifestyle trends, MulticulturalMarketing.com is our way of sharing what we’re doing and what’s on our radar!

IMAGES USA is an Atlanta-based, multicultural marketing communications agency with over 20 years of experience in marketing, advertising and public relations. When it comes to multicultural marketing – we are the target audience. At IMAGES USA, we understand the limited resources available for those seeking comprehensive insights into multicultural marketing. We began thinking about our collective experience on this topic and how our insights gained over the past decades would positively impact the multicultural marketing community and the blogosphere as a whole. Hence, the IMAGES USA blog was born. We hope you find our insights, creative examples and stories entertaining and useful.


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