We’re all entitled to mistakes and oversights, but REALLY?!  Troubled retail giant JCPenney is now being scrutinized about a teapot.  Look closely at the photo.  What do you see?  Was it a teapot or an ambiguous sight of Adolf Hitler?

As if the company needed any more negative media attention.  On the heels of the whole “shock value” that we’ve seen over the past month with other brands like Kmart, Mountain Dew and Radio Shack, I’m not so sure is this is the route JCPenney intended.

This goes back to not just the advertising agency but also JCPenney and its creative approval process.  As a marketer, I find it hard to believe that not one person involved in the development of this advertisement sat back and said, “Hmm”.

It is the responsibility of the ad agency to view ads from all angles, however what good is it if the client doesn’t listen?  I’m not sure if this was the case with this execution, however the resemblance to Adolf Hitler was too striking for no one to have said, “Wait a minute.”

What are your thoughts?


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