Radio Shock

First Kmart, then Mountain Dew, now Radio Shack.  It seems that every week another company is pushing the advertising envelope with shock.  Kmart kicked off with “Shipped My Pants”, I can deal with that.  I actually thought it was fairly clever.  One Million Moms on the other hand, didn’t think so.  They wanted this ad pulled from the Internet.  Kmart responded by placing the ad on television.

Mountain Dew’s goat commercials have been deemed racist and sexist.  PepsiCo has pulled the Internet ads.  (Read previous blog post, “Series(al) Killer).  Rev. Jesse Jackson  decided to have conversation with the beverage giant and the serious implications of the campaign.

Now, on to Radio Shack.  Their latest commercial for Beat by Dre Pill Speakers features crooner Robin Thicke, singing the hook to his latest single, “Blurred Lines”.  The commercial was very similar to the video for the song, except it featured the speakers with the hashtag #uwantit. The music video, in my opinion is very risqué and is filled with sexual innuendo.  The commercial is very similar and shows a woman on all fours with the oval shaped speakers on her back.

Shock value works sometimes.  I get that.  We use it to gain attention, get people talking and get our message across.  But when does it cross the lines and becomes poor taste?  Sometimes the shock value can have the adverse affects and have people talking negatively about the brand or product.  What do you think?  Did Radio Shack go too far or have we been desensitized enough that the shock is really not shocking?


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