Oh Ship!

The title alone made you want to read more.  You probably had to read it twice to make sure you read it correctly.  Similarly, a great ad grabs your attention.  But what about the content?  Should consumers be satisfied with the continuous shove of celebrity endorsements or stunned by an ad that uses shock methods to draw them in?

Recently, Kmart aired their latest commercial online.  They “Shipped Their Pants”… and drawers and bed.  It was enough to get the buzz growing around Kmart and letting customers know about their strong online shopping presence.

In about a week there were over 11 million hits and consumers made their own versions of the 30-second commercial.  Does that alone constitute a great ad?  Was the intended message effectively conveyed?  Shelf life is critical.  The message needs to hit hard while there is still a buzz.

About two months ago, the “Harlem Shake” hit the Internet with everyone from the Armed Forces to DiscountMugs.com to the Miami Heat players posting their rendition.  Right now, it’s old news.

Testing the waters online can be a great strategy.  Advertisers can see if there is in interest and possible move the commercial into other mediums. However, online advertising may not crossover as seamlessly to television or radio.  There might be some backlash for what can be seen as an immature attempt at humor once aired.

Remember, we live in a digital age.  If the consumers don’t like it, believe that they’ll let you know.  Instantly!


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