I Am Not Spanish!

Don't just know your target, understand them!

Image by: hispanic-marketing.com

Often times it’s quite obvious when someone is not familiar or in some sort of contact with other ethnicities.  It’s an uncomfortable subject but it doesn’t have to be.  In marketing, it’s imperative to not only know your target audience, but understand and properly address them.

Imagine if you will a marketer presenting to a potential client.  The marketer is the “expert” on selling widgets to a particular demographic.  In the presentation, the marketers says, “And we completely understand and are leaders in marketing to the Spanish”.  Hmm.  What’s wrong with that statement?  Just because some speaks Spanish, doesn’t mean they’re from Spain.  The proper term is Hispanic or Latino.  The terms Blacks and African Americans for the most part are interchangeable.  But Africans and African Americans are NOT substitutable.  (If you don’t know the issue with this, please see me for an explanation.)

We all want to sound smart and be at he top of our game.  Just don’t try to be something you’re not.  Not having the right representation could shut you out of an entire market and label your business as insensitive, culturally unaware or even racist.  In the search for business, make sure to have the right partner that truly understands a particular market, not just their stereotype.


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