Millennials Want Something New

What are you doing to reach the millennials?

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I’ll admit it.  I never had a MySpace page and I was hesitant to get on
Facebook.  Twitter…me?  Insta…who?  But I quickly learned that if I
wanted to keep up with the changing times, I needed to try something new.
Facebook is my best friend and popular restaurants now follow me on
Twitter.  Social media has become a way of life for me and I have the Apps
to prove it!

As a company, when you’re trying to reach your target market, keep their
form of communication in mind.  Good luck sending Millenials a letter in
the mail and expecting them to reply.  Or, tweet my 77 year-old grandma
and think she’ll re-tweet.  Although there may be exceptions to the rule,
let’s look at current trends.

African American Millennials (16%) are significantly more likely than
Hispanic Millennials (10%) to regularly use social networking sites to
make sure they purchase the best product at the best price.*  If your
company is stuck in 1999, it’s time to fast forward.  Millennials are the
driving force behind social media.  One good idea will be shared, liked,
re-tweeted and copied.  Just look at the new “Harlem Shake” phenomenon.
Everyone from members of the Army to the Miami Heat have jumped on the
band wagon.

It’s okay to try something new.  Just make sure you’re using the right
platform to reach your target market or you could be missing out on an
entire generation of customers.  Adapt, change and grow.  Your target
customer is!

MIL ­ TS2. Which, if any, of the following websites do you belong to, and
which one do you use most often?
MIL ­ SH2. Which of the following resources do you regularly use to make
sure you purchase the best product at the best price?
Base: 16-30 year olds  (African American = 339, Hispanic = 464, White =


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