The Right Fit


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It’s important to find the right fit for your business.  Engage the right people to help move your company to the next level.  Would you hire an animal rights activist to be the spokesperson of your new line of furs?  Or, a single man in his twenties to represent minivans.

No matter which way you slice, it just doesn’t fit.  Although I have an MBA and technically I am qualified to teach math, I probably would not do as well as someone who is in the math profession.  We hire people based on their skills that are best suited for the business.  We don’t hire someone that can just get the job done.  We hire specialists.

What does that mean for your business?  Whether you are a start-up, small business or large corporation, you need to know who your target audience is and the best way to reach them.  Your product design, marketing strategy and advertisements are all based on your target consumer.  Get to them and make the right impression, you may only have one chance.

Multicultural marketing has become just as important as general marketing.  African American, Hispanic and Asian buying power is rising exponentially.  There are entire movements dedicated to ensuring that these target markets are not only included but they are valued equally as the general market.  There are bloggers that make it widely known the companies and products they deem are “culturally insensitive” and encourage others not to purchase from them.

There are ways to avoid the missteps that so many companies make…Hire a Multicultural Marketing Agency!  They specialize in specific demographics and target audiences.  It is their specialty to be aware and sensitive to the needs and cultures of their clients.  They are conscious of the challenges, buying habits, brand loyalty and reasoning behind purchases.  Their function is to offer the right fit for the multicultural target audience.


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