Attention Seekers Need Not Apply

Are you an Attention Seeker or Attention Grabber?

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Wow!  I know you’re so proud of your advertising when you see it.  The strategy was well thought out.  You pitched the perfect idea, came up with incredible creative and showed the world the best you have to offer. But there’s one issue…it didn’t go over so well with your target audience.

Why?  Because YOU didn’t ask THEM what THEY wanted!  Sometimes the needs of our target audience somehow takes a back seat when we get so focused on our great concepts and imagined impeccable delivery.  I like to call these people “Attention Seekers”.  There’s no finger pointing and don’t play the blame game.  Someone wants credit for a job well done or for coming up with an idea that will beat out the competition.  We’re all human.

So why not take a step back?  How much time was spent researching your target market?  Are your marketing efforts in line with what they are looking for or did you make their wants fit into your box?

What if a hair care company continuously advertised a shampoo that was “specially designed for curly hair”, but the television commercial showed various women with straight hair holding the bottle.  Would you buy it?  The advertisement screams, “WE DON’T CARE ABOUT REPRESENTING YOU…WE JUST WANT YOUR MONEY!”

If a client feels like they’re an afterthought, misrepresented or disrespected, they know the power of their dollar and will gladly spend it elsewhere.

Be sensitive to your audiences’ needs.  In today’s society when many people change brands like they’re speed dating, it’s important to remember that customers are brand loyal, but not blindly loyal.  It’s time to change from being an “Attention Seeker” to becoming an “Attention Grabber”!


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