Can You Afford To Be Safe?

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When we think of safe what comes to mind?  What’s for dinner? How was your day? What are your plans for the weekend?…  If you search “what safe decisions lead to success”, not a lot of pertinent information will come up.  The word “safe” is not directly associated with success.  You can publish the same ad in the same magazine and reach the same audience every year.  That’s safe, or is it?

On the other hand, search “what risky decisions lead to success”.  The response is overwhelming. There is even a list of companies, entrepreneurs and celebrities that share their biggest risk.

The “safe” general market campaign may not work for your new audience. Maybe it is time to take a risk. There is one thing for sure…If you do the same thing you probably will obtain the same results, however in this market, you might actually receive less! Maybe it’s time to explore.  What are you doing to get out of your safe zone?  Can your product/service be consumed by more than one audience?  Has your target market changed but you’re still advertising to the same target?  You could be missing out on a whole new opportunity for additional sales and market share!

To have an entire staff that is able to focus on a specific area, means there is a demand for it.  Today there are agencies that specialize in social media marketing, flash mobs, and multicultural marketing.

Understand that the safe approach can get you to a few levels but the risk approach can get you a Susan Boyle (singer, Britain’s Got Talent winner), a Rosa Parks (considered mother of the Civil Rights movement), or even a Facebook (Mark Zuckerberg, entrepreneur).

The term “Go hard or go home” resonates not just in sports but in personal, career and marketing arenas.  So again I ask you, Can you afford to continue to be safe?


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