Watch what you post!

Image by: TheAtlantic.com

While social media and it’s sophisticated, cutting-edge, ever evolving tools have given voice to this and future generations through the blogosphere, Proceed with Caution!  It’s Lives in Cyberspace! Once it’s out there, there’s no going back.   Many of us have our own personal blogs and are at liberty to express our thoughts and opinions on whatever subject matter comes to mind.  And, that’s cool.
But, when it comes to placing things on the company’s website, be careful.  Many an employee has lost   his or her job by posting personal opinions that do not reflect policies established by the company.  And, it’s important to understand, that when something appears on the company website, it becomes the opinion of the company.
It’s really easy to get caught up in the conversations.  Just recently, I wrote a blog for my company’s website.  It was a strong, partisan view of the upcoming election.  It was fraught with very little factual information, just my own partisan rambling thoughts.  Mostly, I was just venting and frustrated with Washington politics.  Needless to say, my boss vetoed the blog.  The company could possibly have been hit with a lawsuit had that blog been posted.
I got caught up in the conversation!  While I thought the article was brilliant, my boss was right and wasted very little time reeling me back to reality.  So I caution all bloggers, “Don’t Get Caught Up In the Conversation”.  Here are a few things to consider when blogging for your company:
1.      Proceed with caution
2.      Set and remember the boundaries
3.      Know the company policy regarding blogging
4.      Use common sense
5.      Learn to edit yourself
6.      Attribute controversial statements to a second party
7.      Use wisdom when re-tweeting
8.      Get management approval

It’s awesome having a blank canvas that allows us the freedom of expression, but let’s not get carried away on our company websites.  It is the property of the company!  Let’s make our companies shine in a positive light by posting information that is insightful and thoughtful, not confrontational and controversial.  Blogging is a form of marketing.  Protect your company’s image and reputation. In short, in cyberspace, there is no here today, gone tomorrow.  IT LIVES…..



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