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When youcall the name James Andrews in the social media space, it’s like the name E.F. Hutton Everybody Listens!  Recently Andrews served as a panelist to explore the topic:  “The Intersection of PR and Technology”.  It was a stimulating conversation that shed the light on finding, connecting and engaging with the “right” audience.  The operative word is “right” audience.  As Andrews says, “It’s not about reaching everybody it’s about reaching the right audience.”

The Intersection of PR and Technology begins at the streetlight of Real Time Communications.  In Real Time Communications, distribution channels are on the fast track pushing out information and consistently delivering content.  So the question becomes, “Who do I need to get to, and what’s the best possible route to get there quickly?”

And how does Andrews propose reaching the right audience in Real Time Communications?  He says that it’s all about the tools!  Tools create the conversational landscape.  Therefore marketers must have working knowledge of the tools to be successful in the social media sphere.  It’s the tools that help build the audiences marketers need to reach.  Otherwise, they will be left out of the conversation.  And, at the end of the day, it’s all about the conversation.

The toolboxes of marketers should include sites such as; Marketplace, Bottlenose, Sprnklr, Socialcam, Mashable, FlopBoard etc. The tools can also help build social media databases – Blitz Metrics, Dashboard, Enterprise Social Dashboard and Twitter.  Interestingly, marketers are now using Twitter as a subliminal pitching tool.  As a PR professional, I’m all over this!

Andrews went on to say that although the tools are constantly changing, one mustn’t be intimidated or frightened by them because it’s not about the technology it’s about the conversation!  He encourages; make it a game, play with the tools, they help find what’s trending, then create a voice that’s not there.

As multicultural marketers, here at IMAGES USA, we are constantly seeking non-traditional ways to connect with various audiences for our clients’ products and services.   The versatility of the tools help us level the playing field by creating different conversations based on  demographics, consumer segments and interest.

In short, we are using the tools that are at our disposal.  We are building and engaging new audiences daily. So, we’re In the Game!  Are you?


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