Is Univision Making a Dangerous Move With Upcoming Digital Efforts?

IMAGES USA Marketing Director Jafet Ramirez weighs in on Univision’s recent announcement that they will launch a digital component to its upcoming Hispanic Themed, English language news and lifestyles network in September.

With their next step in digital, is Univision trying to test the waters in the mainstream market; add more of the acculturated Hispanic market to its audience offering; or transition to what “they” may perceive as an unavoidable turn to an English dependent Hispanic population?  None are valid premises under the Univision brand; I propose this to be a dangerous move. I can almost hear the argument in a multicultural pitch, “Univision knows the market best and it is reaching Hispanics in English.” Marketing with culturally relevant strategies is necessary to optimize brand value and sales, but strategy is not “the” priority of many bean counters.  Spanish as a major language in the US, is a growing part of our daily lives and should be defended and advanced if Hispanics are to be relevant.

How do you feel about the shift in language from Spanish to English? Is it inevitable or are there other ideal outcomes? Weigh in!


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