IMAGES Joins No Limit Basketball in Building Up The Community Through Sports

No Limit Basketball’s 4th Grade Silver Squad recently won the Excel League tournament, going undefeated in the process

Here at IMAGES USA, we are serious about giving back to our community. In addition to our ongoing charitable relationships, we make it a priority to partner with a cause-driven organization at least once per year. This year we decided to contribute to No Limit Basketball, a community basketball organization that runs youth teams in various AAU leagues. The program emphasizes success beyond the basketball court, with a core message of identifying and reaching one’s dreams through education and a strong support network (More about No Limit Basketball here).

IMAGES recently made a contribution to No Limit Basketball’s High School Girls’ team in support of a trip to Panama City to claim a bid in the “Battle At The Beach” tournament (quick overview of the tourney here). The purpose of NLB’s trip was to expose their players to the college scouts in attendance, ultimately increasing their opportunity to reach their dreams through education.

IMAGES applauds NLB’s commitment to turning young athletes into successful people, and hope you join us in supporting their cause! Make donations here. Check back here for more news about No Limit Basketball as we continue our relationship!


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