Where’s Our Creativity Going??

With the recent release of Adobe’s study on the “Global Creativity Gap,of course the creativity-driven advertising industry has been buzzing non stop . The first to react here at IMAGES is our Senior Art Director Justin Jordan. Join in on the discussion, look out for more reactions (surely there will be many – from reactions to the study itself, to reactions to reactions of the study) and enjoy Justin’s food for thought!

Link to Adobe’s graphic summary of the study

As Art Director at IMAGES, I find my creative inspiration challenge to flex my creative muscle. Yet daily, I find my very creativity in jeopardy of falling victim to the media for which it designs!

According to Mashable.com, Digital is killing our creativity (suffocating may be a better word). It states, “In a recent global study, three-quarters of [the 5,000] respondents said their creative potential is being stifled.” Being smack dab in the crosshairs of the digital & creative spaces as Art Director of IMAGES, this is the perfect time for the author (and reader) to do a Creativity self-examination. Here goes:

  • Does your phone incessantly remind you of emails day and night?
  • Do you have problems concentrating on any real-world task without the temptation to tweet, text, email, youtube, or facebook?
  • During your daily commute, how many times do you “handle” your mobile device between points A and B?
  • Do you interrupt your own thoughts with meanderings in social media or social media consumption?

Check out the original Mashable.com article here (including the engagingly excellent infographic), and examine digital’s effects on your own creativity.

-Justin Jordan, Senior Art Director, IMAGES USA

Do you feel like the digital age is hindering your creativity or enhancing it? IMAGES wants to hear from our readers! Join the discussion by commenting below, responding through your own blog, reblogging, or Tweeting us @IMAGESUSA. Let’s hear it!!


One response to “Where’s Our Creativity Going??

  1. Priscilla Benitez

    This info-graphic of the “global” (really just France, Germany, Japan and USA) perception of creativity depicts some sad news about how “work and school” stifle creativity. Seeing this, I am reminded why I place importance on my pursuit of hobbies. The fact that I never (feel like I) have enough time to spend on my hobbies is a good thing, because I am able to appreciate and value those limited moments. (Similar to the way that chocolate looses it’s luster when I start eating it all the time, but it holds tremendous healing powers when I reserve it only to satisfy a craving). Those few moments of intense satisfaction, when I’m able to get my hands dirty and create, ignite and prepare me for all the duties in life. Simply put: hobbies make my world go round.

    ((My favorite line in there is “Americans believe US is most creative.” Of course we do…))

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