What Does Easter Mean To You?

Easter is a-comin’! We surveyed our staff to see what the Easter holiday means to them. Below are the thoughts of IMAGES USA family members Sadie Domineck and Kelly Mayfield.

Sadie Domineck, Account Services

When you read the word, what came  to mind? Easter Egg, Easter Basket, Easter Dress, maybe even Easter Speech. All those things are common to the holiday but are they what matter? Is that what you remember most? Growing up I remember those things but those are not the things that created the fondest memories. It was the quality time spent with my family dying the eggs before we hid them. It was the countless hours and keen attention to detail I watched my mother place in making my dress. It was the nervous yet excited feeling that came over me before I stepped up to the mic to say my Easter Speech. Those are the heartwarming memories that I have of Easter. As I began to mature and look back on my fondest memories of Easter there was a sudden rush of thankfulness and gratefulness that came upon me that I can, at this time, explain. I asked myself, if I were to take those memories and remove my family and friends what would I be left with? The answer, a series of events and nothing more.

To some Easter and all its festivities have become a series of events that they prepare for every year. To me, Easter is about celebrating someone who chose to give me life before I ever knew He existed. Without Him, my entire life would be…a series of events and nothing more. Happy Resurrection Day.

Kelly Mayfield, Sr. Media Buyer/Planner

Pretty dresses, colorful suits, honey ham, big hats and little girls with lots of curls are all symbols of Easter Sunday.  But Easter is much more than that.  It is a time to reflect on new beginnings.  Did you ever wonder why Easter is in Spring?  Springtime refers to the season and also to renewal, rebirth and regrowth.  It’s a time for out with the old and in with the new.  Easter and spring evoke newness, the beginning of a flourishing new season, we can change and makes our lives, happier, by making some small adjustments.

Let us take time this Easter and spring to reflect on some things we’d like to renew in our lives

Weigh in and give us your story!!


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