What NOT To Do in Social Media – IMAGES 2012 Client E-Summit

Continuing to entertain, showcase our in-house talent and encourage our clients/ partners to log on for IMAGES USA’s digital client summit, we have two more teasers giving a preview to one of many topics we’ll cover as we discuss Decoding Digital: Branding in a New Language.

IMAGES USA Would like to invite all clients to join us online on Thursday, March 29th from 10:30AM – 3:30PM EST.

In acknowledgment of the increased influence of the digital space in the ad industry, IMAGES USA has decided to host our first E-Summit. We will share insights on new and innovative ways to reach consumers online, digital strategies, and insights on social media engagement.

*IMAGES USA Clients exclusively

RSVP by sending an email to m.browner@imagesusa.net


4 responses to “What NOT To Do in Social Media – IMAGES 2012 Client E-Summit

  1. eastmetrodesign

    Very creative video, and entertaining even! Keep up the good work fellow colleague. I am also in the “marketing” industry, I enjoy following your blog. Is your e-summit exclusive to your clients?

  2. eastmetrodesign

    Reblogged this on East Metro Design & Marketing and commented:
    Great video on Social Media etiquette, from fellow colleague Images USA!

  3. Thanks! Our summit is exclusive to clients yes, but some portions and key takeaways will be available digitally afterwards. Stay tuned!

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