Weigh In: The Tragic Case of Trayvon Martin

The entire nation has been in an uproar during the past month over the senseless slaying of an unarmed 17 year old by a neighborhood watch leader in Florida. The shooter has been identified and confirmed as George Zimmerman, but no arrest has been made due to the state’s “stand your ground” laws giving citizens the right to use deadly force in self defense.

Many of us here at IMAGES have children, so this hits eerily close to home. Our staff members share their reactions below:

I have two sons that live in a similar neighborhood and the message can not be sent that this type of behavior is acceptable – Russell Trotter, Account Executive

I understand 500,000 folks have signed a petition calling for the arrest of Zimmerman.  Add my name to the list.  My thoughts are with Trayvon’s family, my sympathy goes out to them,  and my prayer is that justice will be served. – Gwen Robinson, Director of PR

Puzzled by the fact that Zimmerman was instructed not to continue pursuit of the teen but did anyway and outraged that given everything I know about this case (I’m sure there is much more I don’t know), Zimmerman walks about free while the senseless loss of yet another young life is mourned. – Veronica Franklin, Traffic Manager

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Martin family.

The opinions within this column are those of the writer and contributors and do not necessarily reflect the views of IMAGES USA


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