We’ll Always Love You! An Open Letter to Whitney

Whitney Houston tribute suicide

It has been a tough month. First Don Cornelius, and now we’ve lost yet another one of our entertainment icons in Whitney Houston. At IMAGES USA we mourned by playing her music non-stop throughout the week. Our CMO Ricki Fairley-Brown felt compelled to address our beloved Whitney by describing her impact and acknowledging her legendary discography.

My dearest Whitney, didn’t we almost have it all? How could we let this happen?  You were one of my greatest loves off all.  Maybe you had one moment in time where you stayed in heartbreak hotel with just the lonely talking again, asking yourself, “why does it hurt so bad?” In that moment, the Lord decided he want your beautiful spirit near and called you.

Know that my heart is calling for you too, and you are loved. All at once, Whitney, you are able to exhale. Even though you didn’t know your own strength, I am here for you – my love is your love. I am happy that you’ve found peace in heaven and graduated from the challenges in this life. In this world you had fortune, fame and the million dollar bill, yet those things can’t buy happiness – only love will save the day.

Whitney,  I want to dance with somebody when I think of you.  You’re no longer here and it’s not right, but it’s okay because I know returned to the rock, our anchor and guide in this life, the Lord.  I’m so emotional realizing you’re no longer here, but happy that you’re now receiving  the greatest love of all through Him. I love the Lord for saving and taking care of you.

Thank you for taking care of Whitney and bringing her joy.  When I think I have nothing, you give good love.  But Whitney, dear Whitney, I miss you. Step by step, I want to run to you, right where You Are because I’m saving all my love for you. I look to you, I salute you, and rest assured, like every man and every woman, I will always love you!




2 responses to “We’ll Always Love You! An Open Letter to Whitney

  1. Amazing! She will be missed but will live on through her music.

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