Weigh In: President Obama’s State of the Union Address

Over 38 million viewers nationwide tuned in to President Barack Obama’s State of The Union Address on Tuesday evening, eager to hear the POTUS cover everything from the economy and foreign policy to immigration and healthcare. Naturally, opinions on the strength and validity of the contents have varied; some feel the POTUS connected directly with the essence of American values while others feel he left far too much to be desired. Opinions aside, most pundits and talking heads did acknowledge the eloquence and poise the Commander in Chief displayed while addressing Congress for little over an hour.

What was your reaction to the State of The Union Address? Did you love the ideas, despise the rhetoric or are you somewhere in between? Feel free to weigh in below or through IMAGES USA’s Twitter

Weigh in below or #TWEET us @IMAGESUSA

Whether through our CMO Ricki Fairley-Brown’s State of the Union Watch Party or our resident Millennial posse posting play-by-play reactions through various social media outlets, all of us at IMAGES absorbed President Obama’s State of The Union Address. Read thoughts from our staff members below, then make sure you share your opinions through our comments section or through IMAGES USA’s Twitter

As a Cuban-American, seemingly positive statements like “equal opportunity for all” or “everyone gets a fair shot, everyone does their fair share” sound all too familiar and actually make me cringe…The #SOTU address itself was well rounded and embodied all the reasons I admire this country.

– Priscilla Benitez, Account Coordinator

Quite inspiring. He finally had the form of the Senator we as a nation elected [almost 4] years prior. He had the confidence, authority, and bipartisan plans persuasive enough to get translated into bills. He exhibited his humor, personality, confidence, seriousness, and left no subject untouched. It seemed to be a political speech devoid of “politics,” and for that, I salute him.

– Justin Jordan, Senior Art Director

How do you feel about our staff members’ opinions? Weigh in!


One response to “Weigh In: President Obama’s State of the Union Address

  1. Ricki Fairley-Brown

    I had 15 people at my home for a SOTU party, 5 of whom were strangers that found my party via the campaign website. The applause and shouts of praise and pride were constant throughout the evening. There were three statements that specifically elicited screams of support and jumps for joy: “America is back!,” “Put it on my desk!,” and “That is a Fact!.” There were lots of laughs when the camera focused on Republican facial expressions in reaction to the POTUS’s bold statements. His military analogy at the end of the speech brought home the critical need for team work and the obvious inability of Congress to get things done. Party attendees included Andrea Young (daughter of the Ambassador) and Pat Lottier, Publisher of the Atlanta Tribune, who Tweeted and sent FB postings to her readers throughout the evening. And of course there were hot brownies! Every one left fired up and ready to “Keep the Change!”

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