Study finds: African-American women the most optimistic about future opportunities


(November 11, 2011) Though often stressed over money, work, and lack of free time, across ethnicities, American women exhibit optimism with regards to their future and their daughters, according to a recent Nielsen report.

Women are the world’s most powerful single demographic. They control the majority of household spending decisions, their influence is growing and they are increasingly exercising this new-found power in a variety of ways. It is only natural that marketers around the globe would take notice and seek ways to better reach women in terms of the media they watch and the products they buy.

Nielsen surveyed women across generations and from all corners of both developed and emerging economies. Reaching out to 21 countries representing 60 percent of the world’s population and 78 percent of GDP, this study provides insight into how current and future generations of female consumers shop and use media. While there are some surprising differences — especially between women from developed countries and those from emerging countries — there is one very positive commonality: women believe their roles are changing for the better.

As overall consumer demand shrinks and companies look for new segments of growth, the multicultural consumer represents a significant opportunity now and in the long term. This report highlights the differences and similarities of American women across the four primary ethnic groups: African American, Hispanic/Latino, Asian American and Caucasian/White.

Optimism was highest among African American and Hispanic women, especially when it came to how they viewed the opportunities they have had compared with those of their mothers. The optimism does not stop with the women of today: they are extremely positive about the outlook for the women of tomorrow — their daughters — and expect them to have more opportunities available to them than they themselves have now.

Thanks Ricki for sharing!


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