Marketing Maven Ricki Fairley-Brown Helps Atlanta Businesses “SUPERCHARGE” THEIR BRAND

IMAGES USA CMO Ricki Fairley-Brown

Ricki Fairley-Brown, partner and chief marketing officer of IMAGES USA was tapped to serve as a workshop panelists to share her marketing expertise during the 27th Annual Super Tuesday Conference sponsored by the Atlanta Business League. The workshop, “POWER UP! Supercharge Your Brand” was provocative and very informative with some of the city’s top marketers sharing words of wisdom and advice to help small and mid-size businesses “jumpstart” their brands during a sluggish economy. The workshop moderator was none other than Daryll Griffin, President of Accolades, Inc. – a highly successful advertising specialty company. Joining Ricki as a panelist were Dianne Bernez, Senior Vice President Corporate Communications, Equifax, Inc. and Barry Florence, Owner & Operator, BDC World PR.

The goal of the workshop was to have participants walk away with practical tools and tips to help grow small and mid-size businesses and to make smarter brand-building and marketing investment decisions when time and financial resources are limited.

Some of the topics that Ricki and panelist addressed were basic marketing essentials including: how to effectively and efficiently develop a brand, identifying the most cost effective ways and the top areas that will help “SUPER CHARGE” a brand, how to utilize social media to market a business and other innovative ways to stimulate and grow both businesses and brands.
One of the most important “key” learnings imparted to the participants was that a company identity lies in its owners and/or its leaders. Ricki and company challenged participants to be mindful of their words and their actions which ultimately define what people think of an organization. In short, it’s about the “IMAGE” and as a managing partner of IMAGES USA; Ricki certainly knows a thing or two about that!!!!

Ricki ended the presentation with one of the agency’s (IMAGES) favorite quotes. Albert Einstein once said, “A problem cannot be solved within the framework in which it was created.”

Go Ricki!


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