Act and React to Emerging Media

With today’s constant changing media landscape, traditional media is transforming and morphing into emerging media. Yesterday’s traditional consumer is today’s social consumer. Social consumers are utilizing emerging media such as mobile, social, photo, video, blogging, search, webcasts, email, webinars, etc. The social consumer is expecting more from advertisers like perks and information they deem useful.

There are two items to consider: Act and React.

Act – Building integrated marketing plans is common sense but so many advertisers make the mistake of not focusing on content. Just having a facebook page and couple of youtube videos are not enough. Not to mention the latest craze with QR codes. It seems like everyone is slapping a QR code on everything but what does the consumer get when they scan your code. The best emerging media strategy is to connect the dots. Content strategy is key in building brand engagement. Advertisers should make sure every marketing element ties to each other and something interesting is happening or something is given to the consumer. Don’t waste time in the social media or mobile space just to link them back to your website if you do not have engaging and interactive content. If the consumer lets you into their social media space, make sure you take advantage of being able to stay there by your offerings and meaningful information. Take advantage of the few minutes you have by having strong content strategies.

React – Once your media elements are active, it’s time to react to the response you receive from consumers. In order to keep growing engagement and loyalty, analytics, maintenance and optimization should be constant. If results are monitored regularly, you will know what’s working and how the consumer is responding. Consumer behavior with emerging media changes often and can be a challenge so that’s why it’s important to have strong content strategy, which include numerous creative executions.

So, to stay in line with emerging media trends, remember to act and react!


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