Back to School time is here!

It’s time for school again. Some kids are entering school for the first time, while some recent high school grads venture off to college. Back to School—three simple words filled with so many implications.

To some, it means the end of carefree summer days, family reunions, travel and less traffic on the streets. For others, especially parents, it may mean a return to both the structure and chaos of managing homework and extracurricular activities. But hopefully for students it means embracing the “gift” of education, which is an opportunity to learn and invest in their future. As my mother told me, “An education is something that no one can take away from you.” Such truthful advice, I have come to learn. Education is a gift that many children around the world are not blessed to freely have; a gift that some cavalierly take for granted, or do not appreciate its significance until it’s too late.

In these days, when we see the negative affect of political infighting upon the quality of our children’s education; the disenfranchisement of our right to vote; the competitive struggle for an opportunity to earn a living; let us return to the basics with recognition of the important role that education plays in the game of life. Let us prepare ourselves and our children to be as equipped as possible to compete in this playing field by aggressively grabbing hold of our right to an education, and squeezing all that we can get from it. School is an investment in YOU! Get back to it with some energy.

I’m just saying…


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