“Unique, Refreshing,” Cool” and “Dynamic”
are only a few of the adjectives patrons have used to describe the one-of- a- kind, cutting edge Gentleman Jack sponsored Art, Beats and Lyrics program. Art, Beats and Lyrics is an integrated grass-roots community based program showcasing a combination of visual art, fused with live music, break dancing, large scale art exhibits and to keep the crowd thumping a dee-jay was added to the mix.

For the past three years, IMAGES USA has managed and executed the ground-breaking Gentlemen Jack program with record breaking participation and media coverage. The first Art, Beats and Lyrics program launched in 2004 at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta with a crowd of 4,000 in attendance. During its inaugural run Art, Beats and Lyrics was voted one of Atlanta’s best events by Creative Loafing.

This unique cutting-edge program offers a platform for amateur artists, entertainers and musicians to display and engage others in their craft. Art, Beats and Lyrics was a lightning rod that instantly struck a cord with its audience. However, the initial sponsor pulled the plug on the program placing it on hiatus for four years.

Enter Brown-Forman (Gentlemen Jack) and the innovative, visionary IMAGES USA marketing team headed-up by marketing expert Ahmad Ali. Ali’s team revamped the program and fashioned it into an authentic program deeply rooted and embedded in the African American culture. The newly revised Art, Beats and Lyrics is an integrated program featuring marketing components essential for a successful campaign – retail, above the line advertising and public relations. The team also added popular recording artists with name recognition as the “major attraction” to stimulate interest and increase attendance. The re-structured program proved to be a winning combination.

The IMAGES team, which also includes Joan Villas and Russell Trotter, has been at the helm steering the Art, Beats and Lyrics machine since 2008. The program has evolved into one of the most popular pop culture events in the country. This year, Art, Beats and Lyrics was held in 10 markets, Charlotte, Atlanta, Dallas, Washington, D.C. , Philadelphia, New Orleans, Houston, Jackson, (MISS), Birmingham and St. Louis. Brown-Forman, the parent company of Gentlemen Jack, is overwhelmed by the success of the program which boasted record-breaking crowds with over 20,000 attendees (to gain entrance, attendees had to sign-up on the Gentlemen Jack website) garnering over 15- million media impression. Following the mantra of relevancy, repetition and respect, Gentlemen Jack is poised to take market share from heavy users of competitive spirits as it expands the program into even more markets for Fiscal 2012.

Kudos to Ali and the IMAGES USA Gentlemen Jack team for a case study on marketing at its best!!



  1. Marijean Digirolamo

    I am looking for a manufacturer for the first home game with a hip hop theme. The game includes a poster size Rapper that comes to the party with his own rap CD. I have taken a traditional game and placed it firmly, and hilariously, in a context that today urban youths can relate to. My e-mail address is

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