Immigration Reform: A Necessity For A Thriving 21stCentury Global Marketplace from our CEO

I watched with great interest the speech delivered by President Barack Obama regarding his plan for “fixing America’s broken immigration system.” President Obama brought out some key points on the “necessity” of Immigration Reform to help sustain and keep America competitive in the global economy.

As CEO of a multicultural marketing agency in Atlanta, GA – IMAGES USA, I concur with President Obama both from a personal as well as business perspective. Immigration Reform is essential for the continued growth and profitability of this nation and certainly for a multi-cultural firms such as IMAGES USA. According to the 2010 Census data, the US population grew by 27.3 million. The multi-cultural segment represented 91.7 percent of that growth, of which 15.2 percent were Hispanics. The data also revealed that 56 percent of the population growth from 2000 to 2010 were within the Hispanic segment. By the year 2015, it’s been predicted that the Hispanic population will increase by an astonishing 10 million people. In other words, Hispanics are poised to become the majority albeit minority in this country.

So, whether their parents are here legally or illegally, millions of Hispanics were born here and this is the only country they have ever known, America is their homeland as well as their motherland. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought if you were born in this country you automatically become an American citizen with all of the inalienable rights afforded others by the US Constitution regardless of your parents citizenship or heritage.

Repeatedly, I find that businesses are looking to market to these new emerging marjorities and I am proud to be able to offer those services to our roster of clients. This expertise has proven to be an asset when seeking new business opportunities. Currently, we market to Hispanic, African American, Asian and LGBT consumers. I feel very fortunate to be able to draw from an incredible pool of talent that, were it not for Immigration, might not be available to help grow our business.

Armed with the statistics and data from the US Census Bureau of 2010, IMAGES USA has become aggressively pro-active in preparing and positioning for the “new face” of America.In fact, within the next couple of months, all IMAGES USA employees will have the opportunity to take Spanish on-site as a second language and all new hires must be bi-lingual walking through the door.
As multi-cultural marketers, we need to attract the best and brightest talent available. Immigration Reform will ensure that we have that reservoir to draw from. Immigration Reform is also crucial in helping get America’s economic system back on track. I’m looking forward to the day when our nation will again realize a thriving economy, and a strong, solid middle class which is the “backbone of this nation”.

I join with President Obama in a united “call to action” to make Washington Act NOW! Let’s motivate our public officials with calls and emails encouraging them to vote for Immigration Reform and join the campaign for change to help make America a nation of inclusion not exclusion.


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