Is America finally getting the picture?

It’s 2011 and America is starting to finally get the picture. We’ve come along way, do you remember when we started off with the Golden Girls, All in the Family, The Cosby Show and A Different World? Either they had an all Black cast or an all White cast, there were hardly any shows that mixed the two.

Now, when you turn on your television, you see top rated television programs that are multicultural/multi-lifestyle such as Modern Family,Glee,and Grey’s Anatomy. Just recently,People magazine rated Jennifer Lopez as the world’s most beautiful woman. Haven’t we always found her to be beautiful? Remember when we were first introduced to her as a fly girl on In Living Color?

So what do you think? Are we finally getting the recognition we deserve or do we have a ways to go?

With a Bi-racial President and recent Census data showing that the majority of growth emanates from Hispanics and other diverse cultural segments,how could we not embrace diversity as a country? Nevertheless, there are many reasons to believe that we’ve turned a new leaf with new innovative campaigns and social media. Today everyone is climbing aboard and sprinkling it with a bit of color.

According to Geoscape Founder and CEO,César M Melgoza “Arts and entertainment (including sports) have continuously influenced our collective psyche & cultural identity. However, business lags in its understanding of this phenomenon and executives often take a lot of convincing when it comes to tuning their outreach and operations to serve culturally diverse consumer demand. Nonetheless, there are many reasons to believe that we’ve turned the corner and that corporate executives will begin to right-size their companies’ investment in a manner that represents the diversity of American sub-cultures.”

This year’s Geoscape summit—renamed the New American Mainstream Business Summit—represents this evolution in thinking. The agenda for this year’s event draws from leaders across industries who are responsible for serving diverse segments across dimensions such as cultures, lifestyles and life stages. Way to go Geoscape!

Now, how will your company embrace diversity?


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