Gentleman Jack Arts, Beats + Lyrics prepares for Washington D.C.

On Friday, April 1st Gentleman Jack Arts Beats + Lyrics tour will return to Washington bring their one-of-a-kind urban art exhibition to the music-hungry masses. The tour will offer a multimedia fusion of urban art, live music and the original themes of hip hop; graffiti, dee jaying, emceeing, and break dancing.

Over 25 cutting edge visual artists from around the country are headed to D.C., including Mad Clout, Flux, Michi, Shannon McCollum, Gilbert Young, City of Ink, Occasional Superstar, Wak, hip hop pioneer Ernie Paniccolli and co-producer Dubelyoo.

The most recent high profile addition to the tour is, famed hip-hop freshman phenomenon, Kendrick Lamar. The Compton native has received a rare co-sign from hip hop legend Dr. Dre and also graces the March cover of XXL magazine annual “Freshman Class” issue.

own Russell Trotter aka Hustle will fire up the crowd with his unique hip hop flare.

“Art, Beats + Lyrics opens with a look that reflects the image of the Gentleman Jack consumer – classically smooth and refined. Those are characteristics that Gentleman Jack has always represented,” said Tracey Johnson, Gentleman Jack Brand Manager.

The event is free and open to the general public, 21 years or older.

Stay tuned for photos. Read the recent published article from

One response to “Gentleman Jack Arts, Beats + Lyrics prepares for Washington D.C.

  1. This looks like it was a lot of fun. I am sorry I missed it. I would love to be informed of when this or something similar will be happening again.

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