Café Mocha Celebrates 1st Anniversary + Adds NYC Market

Café Mocha's hosts, rapper MC Lyte, media vet Angelique Perrin and comedian Loni Love.

As the African American consumer market continues to grow and spend at a faster rate than other ethnic communities, including general market, it’s interesting to note that they’re over indexing in particular product areas – hair care products and fast foods.  Industry statistics show that 30% to 34% of all hair products in the U.S. are purchased by African American women [LA Times] and more African Americans than any other ethnic groups reported eating fast food [JACN Study].

What many may not know is who makes the majority of the purchasing decisions in African American households.  Well, 70% of African American women with children are not married, so that should give you a clue.  Yes, the African American woman is the primary decision maker and purchaser within the African American community

That being said, identifying vehicles to reach this influential group in a holistic manner is key.  With the ever-increasing influence of digital and social media, radio remains a relevant and powerful medium to reach and effectively influence African American women, especially mothers.  The recent success of Café Mocha, a national syndicated weekly radio show, is a testament to the power of mothers and radio. The popular radio show kicked off its first anniversary by adding New York’s urban powerhouse WBLS FM to its growing list of more than 17 markets, including Chicago, Washington, Savannah, Greensboro, Shreveport, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee and others.

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The two-hour show is hosted by two-time Grammy-nominated hip-hop artist MC Lyte, actress/comedian Loni Love (E! Entertainment’s “Chelsea Lately“) and broadcast veteran Angelique Perrin.

“We’re excited to bring Café Mocha to New York City and especially to WBLS, the heritage station in the market,” said Sheila Eldridge, Café Mocha Creator and Executive Producer. “Our goal is to fill a niche that brings a fresh perspective to the radio experience for women that speaks directly and wholeheartedly to a community that quite honestly has been overlooked by radio until now.”

Using a 360 degree marketing approach as part of its programming strategy, Café Mocha has delivered successful broadcast integration promotions.  We at IMAGES USA are proud of the show’s success and the recent success of one of our own new client’s program integration with Café Mocha.  We used the show’s interactive website and leveraged the “Swagga Award” online contest with that drove listeners and generated traffic of more than 130,738 unique impressions.

Congratulations Sheila on Café Mocha’s one-year anniversary.  Your IMAGES USA family looks forward to your continued growth…and growing with you!

Editor’s Note: Thanks to IMAGES’ VP of Account Services and Marketing Strategy, John Cash for today’s blog.



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