Study: African Americans Have Highest Recall of Mobile Ads

In 2011, most of us are accustomed to the plethora of advertisements we receive via mobile devices. Whether it’s banner ads on Pandora, the “viewers choice” spots on Netflix, or the mini-movies on Hulu – they’re everywhere! While some brands went out of their way to engage consumers with creative mobile ads in 2010 [See “True Blood” mobile ad in Variety above], many still roll their eyes at the sight of yet another ad on their mobile screens.

But there’s good news for savvy multicultural marketers utilizing mobile advertising in their 2011 strategies! Despite the eye rolls, research conducted in 2010 shows consumers are actually retaining the information received from the ads. When responses were broken down by race and ethnicity, they revealed the greatest differences in recall, with African American mobile internet users coming in first. African Americans recall mobile ads at a higher rate than do other demographics, at 41%, compared to 36% of Asian Americans and 36% White Americans.

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Overall, the research found that 37% of those polled recalled seeing specific advertisements on their mobile phone. The advertisers most commonly remembered included wireless carriers, major retailers and handset manufacturers. There was little difference in mobile ad recall between men and women, with females just 1 percentage point more likely to say they remembered a mobile ad.

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One response to “Study: African Americans Have Highest Recall of Mobile Ads

  1. That’s good to know, but how does that compare to non-mobile ads? Who recalls TV, radio and online ads best?

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