Coco in the snow! Photo: N. Buitrago

Following the lead of the Atlanta Government, metro-area schools, and now several area malls, IMAGES USA is CLOSED today, January 10, 2011, due to severe winter weather. There are even reports of the very rare thundersnow.

If you’re hunkered down in the Atlanta area, get outside and make a snowman or throw a log in the fire place. Whatever you do… enjoy the snow! Check out a few shots sent in by IMAGES’ staff from around town

Photo: K.Browner

Photo: R. Fairley-Brown

Marley enjoying his snow day. Photo: K. Browner

Photo: A. Ledgister

Photo: R. Martins

Photo: G. Stewart

Photo: N. Holley

Photo: K. Mayfield

Photo: J. Lockyer

Photo: S. Arthur

Photo: A. Ali


One response to “IMAGES USA Snow Day!

  1. plenty snow in atlanta

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