Happy Three Kings Day… Wait, What’s Three Kings Day?

Pssst… multicultural marketers? If you find yourself asking “What’s Three Kings Day?” and you manage a brand that focuses on the Latino market, for SHAME! But seriously, you might have missed a great opportunity to connect with your target audience beyond the retail boom of Christmas and New Years. From HispanicCMO.com:

For most retailers, marketers and traditional “holiday” programs, the rush of the shopping season has ended. However, if you want to truly connect to the essence of las navidades (the holidays) for us Latinos, the window of celebration and events is not over yet. While most American kids have already exchanged Santa’s milk and cookies for gifts, our kids still await the Three Kings with a little water and fresh grass for the camels. Día de los Reyes comes on January 6th…so, closing shop on the 25th may be too soon. Is your brand ready? Does your promotion acknowledge the great window of celebrations that most Latinos follow as tradition?

So that you won’t miss out next year, check out this video from marketer and entrepreneur Lili Gil and get hip to the cultural nuances of Latinos during the holiday season.

For more insight, here’s a great photo gallery on Three Kings Day and how it was celebrated around the world today. Enjoy!

Source: HispanicCMO.com


One response to “Happy Three Kings Day… Wait, What’s Three Kings Day?

  1. I just noticed you posted one of my videos! Would love for you to continue to share our voice. On my channel, http://www.youtube.com/liligil, every video has an aricle, so I hope you enjoy my latest one about Obama and the DREAM Act.

    Lili Gil

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