Gay Sports Writer Comes Out Via Column + Poll

Sports writer Steve Buckley in his Somerville, MA home office.

John Wayne said “Courage is being scared to death… and saddling up anyway.

Yesterday, despite admitted trepidation, well-established Boston Herald sports writer Steve Buckley saddled up and announced he was gay via his column to his readers and the world.

In the column titled “Welcome to My Coming Out Party,” Buckley explains his decision further:

“…I’ve put this off long enough. I haven’t been fair to my family, my friends or my co-workers And I certainly haven’t been fair to myself: For too many years I’ve been on the sidelines of Boston’s gay community but not in the game — figuratively and literally, as I feel I would have had a pretty good career in the (gay) Beantown Softball League.”

Buckley went on to explain after discussing his decision to out himself with his family, friends, and having sit-downs with Herald editor-in-chief Joe Sciacca and sports editor Hank Hryniewicz, their warm reception encouraged him to move forward with his decision. “They’ve been great,” Buckley said. “As have my friends and family.”

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Buckley continued:

But during this same period, I have read sobering stories about people who came undone, killing themselves after being outed. These tragic events helped guide me to the belief that if more people are able to be honest about who they are, ultimately fewer people will feel such devastating pressure.

It’s my hope that from now on I’ll be more involved. I’m not really sure what I mean by being “involved,” but this is a start: I’m gay.

Across the internet, journalists are weighing in on Buckley’s decision – some applauding his courage, others saying “so what?What do you think? Should Steve Buckley have chosen his column to “come out?” Weigh in!

Source: Boston Herald


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