Gentleman Jack Arts Beats + Lyrics Pays Tribute to Hip Hop in St. Louis

IMAGES' Russell Trotter unleashes his alter-ego, Hustle, on the stage at AB+L.

Last week, the Gentleman Jack Arts Beats + Lyrics tour returned to St. Louis to bring their one-of-a-kind urban art exhibition to the the music-hungry masses looking for something uniquely hip hop driven.

Art, live music and hip hop streamed out of the doors of the Palladium as St. Louis fans streamed in to get a look at the growing collection of paintings, sculptures and photographs created and inspired by hip hop. Along with the art, guests experienced live music, break dancing and turnlabalists spinning old and new school jams, paying tribute to the roots that have spawned the strong foot hold hip hop currently has on mainstream music and culture.

Judging by the pre-event piece written my St. Louis Dispatch reporter Kevin C. Johnson, it’s no wonder the St. Louis AB+L boasted some of the largest crowds AB+L has ever seen!

Read the full article and an interview with IMAGES own Russell Trotter aka Hustle here.

Stay tuned for photos from the St. Louis AB+L event COMING SOON! In the meantime, check out photos from past events, brought to you by Tabia Parker.


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