Jay-Z and Warren Buffett Cover Forbes “400 Richest People in America” Issue

Editor’s Note [Confession]: I am a HUGE fan of both Jay-Z and Warren Buffett. They are dynamic, creative and innovative industry leaders who remain true to themselves and focus on what’s most important in their lives: a positive legacy, a strong and secure family, and the future of our world. So, my unbiased journalistic hat is off and I readily admit I am inspired by the cover, the story and the accompanying video. That said… You don’t want it with Hov… or Warren!

A photo of Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter and billionaire philanthropist Warren Buffett is the image featured on the cover of Forbes Magazine’s “400 Richest People In America” issue. Forbes orchestrated a meeting between the two men as part of the first Forbes 400 Summit, and exposed the secrets to their very different rises to success.

What may seem like an odd pairing has a fantastic backstory regarding their humble beginnings and what drove them to be successful. With Jay-Z and his wife, Beyonce, recently being listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the “highest earning power couple” (they’re worth a whopping $122M!) and Mr. Buffett’s estimated net worth at $47 billion, the duo is more appropriately paired than they seem at first glance. Forbes editor-in-chief Steve Forbes conducted an hour long interview with the two, discussing their success, the part luck played in that success, the importance of philanthropy and many other topics.

Of his success early in his career, Jay-Z said:

“My first album didn’t come out until I was 26, so I had a bit more maturity. The album had all these emotions and complexities and layers that a typical hip-hop album didn’t have if you were making it at 16, 17 years old. That isn’t enough wealth of experience to share with the world. I had so much wealth to share with the world at that time, and I’ve never forgotten those things… You never forget those true things that you stick to, your basic things that make you successful.”

Read the entire article here and see the hour-long video and more snippets here.


2 responses to “Jay-Z and Warren Buffett Cover Forbes “400 Richest People in America” Issue

  1. this is good stuff right here

  2. Such a solid hip-hop role model!

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