Mad Men: Now, With More COLOR!

This Sunday, the white-washed world of 1960s Madison Avenue advertising will become decidedly more colorful when actress Naturi Naughton guest stars on the multiple Emmy-award winning AMC series, Mad Men. Naughton will appear on Episode 410, titled “Hands and Knees.”

“I just finished working on [an episode],” said Naughton in an exclusive interview with VIBE Magazine. “It’s a great show and I’m really excited about just having been apart of it. It’s very cool.”

Since the show began, Blacks have been mostly absent in the series because historically, African Americans in the professional advertising world of the 1960s were virtually non-existent. Black actors featured on previous seasons have been relegated to cameo roles as waitstaff, elevator operators, criminals or nannies. Mad Men’s first major Black character who wasn’t hired help was Paul Kinsey’s girlfriend Sheila White, a young Black woman from New Jersey who traveled with Kinsey to Mississippi to register black voters… then dumped him.

“It’s 1964 or 1965 now [on the show]” says Naughton. “There haven’t been any Blacks featured on the show previously because of the times, but now it’s time and here I come.”

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Naughton’s acting career has blossomed since her departure from teen group 3LW. Last year, she played Lil’ Kim in the Biggie Small’s biopic Notorious and as Denise in the remake of the 1980 movie Fame. This year, she also had a small role in Lottery Ticket.

There are a number of big Mad Men fans here at IMAGES USA that are chomping at the bit to see how Naughton will be incorporated into the show. What role do you think she will play? Take our poll!


2 responses to “Mad Men: Now, With More COLOR!

  1. It’s amazing that Mad Men has taken this long to include more African American characters, but I agree with the writer above, the show’s set in the 1960s where African Americans were not in the advertising field as large as they are now. I hope they give her character justice in whatever role she plays. I’m wondering if they’ll of do an African-American spin-off of Mad Men? Now that’s good television!

  2. I love that Naturi Naughton is going to be on the show. I hope its a new trend in featuring more minorities. Even if she is the hired help, she could be pretty important. In her few episodes, Carla said some pretty profound things and gave some very knowing looks- enough to make her a loved character.

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