Ten Black Broadcast Journalists Shifting the Color of News

CNN's Don Lemon at National Mall during Obama Inauguration. Credit Nels Akerlund.

When thinking of the top journalists of the last few decades, names like Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather, Edward R. Murrow and Barbara Walters all come to mind. Also among this top tier group of journalists is Ed Bradley, the African-American earring-wearing, salt-and-peppered member of the iconic 60 Minutes team who died in 2006.

Historically, Bradley was one of the only African-American men in the early days of broadcast to deliver hard news to a national audience. But watch any of the major network or cable news shows today and it is clear the tide has shifted. News outlets recognize the growing diversity of their viewers and are connecting the dots regarding the voices and faces they choose to deliver the news.

The Atlanta Post compiled a great list of current African-American journalists who are making their mark and changing the game one story at a time, having started their careers at local affiliates and now moved on to larger venues. The list includes MTV News veteran Alison Stewart, CNN’s Don Lemon, and ABC’s Good Morning America co-host, Robin Roberts. Check out the entire list here.

How do you think the new breed of African American journalists stack up to the old guard of Ed Bradley, photojournalist Gordon Parks and the like? Has the deluge of the bloggers and “social media journalists” watered down what it means to be a “real journalist?”


One response to “Ten Black Broadcast Journalists Shifting the Color of News

  1. I’m always happy to see African-American reporters and anchors. When i travel to other cities and watch the morning news- i’m always shocked when there isn’t an African-American (or any minority) represented.

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