Atlanta School Board “Coup” Derailed by Mayor Reed

This Atlanta CRCT (Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests) cheating scandal keeps getting uglier, but thanks to Mayor Kasim Reed, it didn’t get as ugly as it could have on Monday evening. After the Atlanta Journal-Constitution “ripped the lid off” the story with their investigative series, it was inevitable that heads would soon begin to roll. But at the end of Monday’s marathon Atlanta Board of Education meeting to discuss the scandal, the Mayor stepped in to defuse the political tug-of-war.

From Creative Loafing:

Monday’s marathon Atlanta Board of Education session — one marked by a contentious, hours-long tug-of-war as five members effectively tried to seize control of the board from Chairwoman LaChandra Butler Burks — was capped by a dramatic late-night appearance by Mayor Kasim Reed that quickly defused the insurgency.

As the clock ticked past 10 p.m., board members sat quietly in their seats or milled about, officially in recess, waiting for the mayor to arrive. Although the audience had thinned considerably, operatives representing both sides in the showdown huddled in small groups.

Finally, Reed arrived and approached the podium to talk the five members down from the ledge.

“The brand you have all worked to build is at risk right now,” he explained in calling for a “cooling-off period.”

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One response to “Atlanta School Board “Coup” Derailed by Mayor Reed

  1. The Atlanta Public schools – as well as DeKalb & Clayton counties – are in a crisis mode. Cheating, scandals, lack of fiscal responsibility and most importantly, the poor quality of education provided to the students has resulted in continued low scores, incorrect reporting of graduation rates and an educational system that is among the worst in the country. As we all prepare for the upcoming elections, it is imperative that we elect people who will work for change and improve the system – which may mean wholesale changes in leadership at all levels.

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