From the CEO: We’re Moving On Up… In Industry Rankings

IMAGES USA Founder, President and CEO, Bob McNeil

Since 1989 when I opened the doors of IMAGES USA in my Georgia Tech dorm room, it has been my goal to grow IMAGES year-over-year. When I say grow the business, of course there are fiscal concerns – every business wants growth in their bottom-line. But more importantly, I wanted IMAGES to be recognized for continually growing through quality staff additions, consistently winning new business, and building a reputation in advertising based on delivering sound strategies, creative insights and keeping clients satisfied.

This year, our reputation for quality work is spreading and is being reflected in several industry publications and listings. We’ve risen in the ranks in three separate categories of Ad Age’s 2010 Top Agency ListingsNo. 5 on Top African American advertising agencies, No. 20 on Top Hispanic advertising agencies, and No. 286 on Top 500 U.S. advertising agencies.

On Black Enterprise’s 2010 Top B.E. 100 list of Advertising Agencies, IMAGES USA rose from No. 7 to No. 6 and in the Atlanta Business Chronicle’s Atlanta’s Top Agency listings, IMAGES USA came in at No. 7.

Congrats to our staff for always starting with commitment, delivering with quality, and finishing with success!


2 responses to “From the CEO: We’re Moving On Up… In Industry Rankings

  1. Glad to be part of such an awesome, high-performing group of people.


  2. It is empowering and exciting be with such an agency that values both the business and the employee.

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