Weigh In: Which Franchise Will Get “The King”?

The countdown to “The Decision” has begun, folks. The first legitimate leaks sprung overnight and all signs point south to Miami. But yesterday, IMAGES weighed in with their predictions:

John Lockyer, IMAGES CFO: He’s going to Miami. Though, I’d love to see him stay in Cleveland. He’s great for the city, emotionally, psychologically and financially. The team has been built around him and he’s an industry unto himself. He brings alot to the area, including several jobs. But in Miami, he could win a championship.

Ahmad Ali, Account Supervisor: I wholeheartedly believe that LeBron is going to stay with Cleveland because that’s where it all began for him. From the Boys & Girls Club to high school to the NBA, he’s been dedicated to the city of Cleveland. His heart is telling him to stay because his home town deserves a championship.

Deven Sanders, PR Team: It’s either Cleveland or Miami. Definitely not New York.

Simon Trabelsi, Account Coordinator: Miami, New York or Cleveland. Miami first because D. Wade and Bosch are there and they both said they’d take less than the maximum in order to get LeBron. New York and Cleveland are tied for second. New York is a larger market and has more pieces in place, and with Cleveland, there’s that hometown tie-in.


5 responses to “Weigh In: Which Franchise Will Get “The King”?

  1. I hope he stays in Cleveland. It would be good for that city which hasn’t seen a championship in over 40 years.

    • Deven Sanders

      @keithosaunders It would be nice to see LeBron win a ring with his city. However, I have a feeling that he going to go to Miami. Who does Cleveland have besides Shaq not to mention he is getting up there in age. Mo Williams and Delonte West maybe but hey he needs some one thats going to help him get a ring and not just play along with him. I must say as a KOBE and LAKER FAN this is going to be a great season.

  2. You’re right — if nothing else there is a lot of juice coming into the 2010/11 season. How often can you say that about the NBA? I have a post up now about LeBron and the hype.

  3. As much as I don’t want to see him move, I have to give my vote to Miami, but all the hype about LeBron is quite amazing, since he has not really won anything and has not looked good in the finals. Perhaps loading Miami up with all that talent will be the key – or it may be too much talent and be their downfall. All I know for sure is that I don’t want to see Shaq as a Hawk next year!

  4. Shongretta Williams

    I believe that LeBron will follow the money. There have been reports that he feels his team let him down last season and that Cavaliers are not focused. Although his heart may be in Cleveland, his bread, butter and championship is in Miami.

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