2010 MAAX Summit Multicultural Millennial Presentation

Yesterday, IMAGES founder and CEO, Bob McNeil, presented “The Millennial Phenomenon: A Multicultural Millennial Study,” at the 2010 Target Market News MAAX Summit.

Multicultural millennials, those born between 1979 and 1993, are a generation of optimistic leaders, more concerned than previous generations about making a difference in the world they’ve inherited. However, according to a new study released by IMAGES USA and The Futures Company (formerly Yankelovich, Inc.), a closer look shows African American and Hispanic millennials surpass their White peers regarding concerns with community involvement and their ability to effect positive change in the world. In addition, the study focuses on multicultural millennial’s unique take on politics, health, the environment, sexuality and finances.

The presentation received such positive feedback from the MAAX conference attendees, that we’re offering it for free download HERE. For more information on the entire study, email us at 2010MillennialStudy@imagesusa.net.

photo: thehustletownchronicle


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