Greener Solar Powered iPhones On the Horizon?

If Apple has anything to do with it, iPhone-atics will soon charge their phones with sunshine.

Confirming the flurry of internet rumors, Apple recently applied for a patent for a solar-powered iPhone. The patent calls for sleeker, “invisible” solar panels that won’t change the iconic look or weight of the iPhone. Earlier manifestations of solar-powered phones have received mixed reviews from consumers, sighting long charging times and bulkiness. From iPodnn, the patent describes “weaving solar cells into a display, thereby keeping them off of the device’s outside surfaces and still allowing easy reach by light. The technology involves sandwiching the cells underneath glass and touch-sensitive layers.”

Knowing Apple, this recent patent is only the beginning of their evolution into creating greener products. Until we have iPhones made of recycled bottles and powered by kinetic energy, do your part by adding a few of the Top 7 Best Green iPhone Apps to your phone.

Still curious about these “invisible capture” solar panels? Indulge your inner tech geek by diving deeper into Apple’s vision for solar cell technology here.

via Inhabitat


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