International Day Against Homophobia Focuses on Homophobia in Sports

Did you know today is International Day Against Homophobia, also known as IDAHO? Started by the Canadian organization, Fondation Émergence, this year the organization is focused on the quiet culture of homophobia in the sports community.


On a personal level, athletes and figures involved in the sports world are no more homophobic than any other people. Yet, the sports environment is weighed down by a heavy silence on anything dealing with sexual diversity.

What’s surprising is how an entire sector of society seems to have escaped the progress of the last thirty years, a time when society grew sensitive to sexual diversity and sexual minority issues.

The sports world has always favoured a lifestyle and a certain way of being that focus on physical performance. Both set rules for excluding everything that does not live up to the environment’s stereotypes.

For more on IDAHO and Fondation Émergence, click here.


One response to “International Day Against Homophobia Focuses on Homophobia in Sports

  1. I was just having a conversation about homosexuality in sports with some friends of mine. We were watching “Valentine’s Day” and we discussed how unrealistic it would be to have a star quarterback jeopardize his career by coming out. Although brave, I don’t foresee athletes embracing homosexual lifestyles.

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