Toyota’s “Swagger Wagon” Campaign

When you mention Toyota these days, inevitably the jokes and barbs about their multiple recalls start rolling out. But this week, there’s been more buzz and debate about Toyota’s new campaign for the Sienna SE… or Swagger Wagon. Yup, that’s right… hip hop may have popularized the term swagger, but it looks like Toyota may have killed it.

The campaign featuring “The Sienna Family” also includes the tagline “The Sienna SE. You get it for space. But fill it with your family’s swagger.” On the YouTube campaign page, you can view a series of viral videos, proving that Toyota clearly put a lot of thought, time, and marketing miles into this campaign.

Comments across the blogosphere vary widely: some think it’s casual racism. Others feel it’s a genuinely funny parody that people are taking too seriously. Still others feel it’s an issue of hip hop’s chickens coming home to roost, shining a bright light on some the repetitive trends in many hip hop videos – parked car [check!], random inanimate objects moving in slow motion [check!], dancing girls [check! Literally, the little girl strikes a b-boy stance!].

What do you think? Should Toyota pull these ads or should viewers calm down and enjoy a good laugh?


10 responses to “Toyota’s “Swagger Wagon” Campaign

  1. LOL! Good for a laugh – “swagger” is now officially DEAD!

  2. agreed. whoever has a problem with this should maybe look around at some of the bigger issues in the world. I think it’s pretty funny, and we’ve already ran the “swagger” thing into the ground as a culture anyways

  3. Shongretta Williams

    I think that this is the funniest thing. Its hilarious. Calling the skit racist is a bit of a stretch. I think that viewer should calm down and enjoy the video.

    “I think it is the duty of the comedian to find out where the line is drawn and cross it deliberately.” ~ George Carlin”

  4. I have mixed feelings about this. If this were a spoof on SNL it would be absolutely hilarious. But because this is actually a spot that can be found by going to the Toyota website I think its a bit insulting. But perhaps I am just not the target.

  5. OMG…that was funny. are we really that upset people??? If a black family was in the ad would people have something to say as well? Probably so… so either way let’s just appreciate a good laugh. And if you are a parent you can really identify with the references to parenthood while still trying to be cool….. LOVED IT

  6. I feel this is just to much! Now if it was a Saturday Night live spoof them maybe but for a Toyota campaign NO. But then I ask myself the question is this just as bad as watching a BET music video and yes it is!!! This is showing how we as African Americans have failed to step up to plate when it comes to the hypersexualized Black women. Though this Toyota commerical has nothing to do with hypersexualized Black women its a video or campaign that tries to perpetuate the “Black” culture. Watching this video makes me think about watching BET a tv network that I do not support. We have taken videos and now campaigns to far.In the words of Bill Cosby,”Come on People!”

  7. This video is hilarious!! Whie Hip Hop is a large part of Black culture it is important to realize that is NOT exclusive to us. The message that is portrayed is VERY POSITIVE and the fact that White people are rapping makes it less offensive to me. It takes away the (all Blacks can do is rap factor). The commercial simply exposes the influence Black culture has on all races. Kudos from me. I LOVE IT!!

    • I agree with B Owens. If it were a black couple rapping about their car- how cliche would it be? VERY. African-Americans do not have exclusive rights to hip-hop culture. Its a phenomenon that speaks to people around the world. And piggyback on K May- maybe we aren’t the target. We have to remember that hip-hop isn’t just for one race/ethnicity. Lets get over ourselves and find a new hobby.

  8. This is abso-posi-lutely hilarious. So well done!
    Fun for all ages!

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