Who Is America’s Worst Griller? Help Hillshire Farm Decide

As you may have heard on the Steve Harvey Morning Show recently, consumers were encouraged to nominate a friend or loved one who just can’t get it together on the grill. All the stories sent in to the “Help Me Hillshire Farm! Backyard Barbeque Contest” were hilarious, including references to burnt meat, burning trees and ambitious attempts at summer grilling that completely failed.

The four finalists, Antjuan Jackson of Portsmouth, VA; Sonya Richardson of Tampa, FL; Sheebah Smith of Dunkirk, MD; and Thomas Abbott of Gurnee, IL, each received a $100 gift card and a new top of the line grill, along with an interview on the nationally-syndicated Steve Harvey Morning Show. The grand prize winner will receive a backyard barbeque in their hometown for approximately 100 of their closest friends and family, complete with Hillshire Farm foods, a DJ, music, decorations… the WORKS!

Hillshire Farm has narrowed down the list, and beginning today, Monday, May 3, 2010, it’s up to the public to choose which of these grill-challegened individuals needs help from Hillshire Farm the most. These four “Worst Griller” finalists and their stories are featured on the Steve Harvey Morning Show website where the public can vote for griller who needs the most help.

Start voting today and we’ll keep you updated on the winner! Hillshire Farm… GO MEAT!!


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