T-Pain + Adult Swim Bring Back Freaknik… The Musical

WARNING: Some links in this blog may be offensive to some readers, as they contain abrasive language and some suggestive animation.

Editor’s Note: This blog is brought to you by Simon Trabelsi: Gentleman. Scholar. MC. Boxer. Blogger. Renaissance Man. Thanks Simon!

Protect your young; lock up your elderly and sickly; shield your women and loved ones. It’s a miracle we’re all still alive. In recent weeks, there has been a virulent attack on Black America. By whom, you ask? A late night adult cartoon called Freaknik: The Musical, produced by auto-tune aficionado T-Pain. Yup, according to angry outcries from various bloggers, writers, and Essence.com browsers, this cartoon is the worst thing since the KKK.

Freaknik: The Musical depicts how the ghost of the popular late 1990s’ Atlanta-based spring break destination resurrects along with the event. As expected, based on the tall tales and recollections of the original Freaknik, the cartoon is filled with strippers, drug use, aggressive hip-hop music, and whatever else you can think of that may have contributed to the event’s excommunication from Atlanta. Not the most positive reflection of African American culture the world has seen.

One reader on Essence.com had the following to say about the cartoon:

“We need to conact every person that you know, and inform them about this nonsense, contact your, clergy, your community organizations, your greek affliats, masonic organizaton, big mamma, auntie, and anyone else you can think of, until enough people are made aware of problem. We canot give up this fight until we have succeeded in throwing out the garbage.”

Note: I took the liberty of leaving typos and grammatical errors unedited to preserve the authenticity of the post.

Foregoing any discussions about whether or not the cartoon is appropriate, let’s keep in mind that it is aired close to midnight during a block of time labeled “Adult Swim” on The Cartoon Network. Let’s also consider that most shows during this block are created to be overly offensive, satirical, and hyperbolically stereotypical. Regardless, this person is suggesting that we round up all the aforementioned community members, tear them from their various obligations and put all of our resources into getting a cartoon off the air. Maybe people are noticing a theme in my dispositions considering my last blog post, but shouldn’t we have better things to do?

I find it incredibly interesting that people feel the need to be up in arms about deliberately offensive late night programming, yet I can’t recall the last time I heard such an uproar about the videos and programming BET airs in primetime (with real people… not animated characters). Meanwhile, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America are still short hundreds of mentors for youth in desperate need of guidance – real guidance, not “Let’s whine about this cartoon until it goes away”- guidance. If people spent as much time on improving real issues as they did complaining about various interpretations of said issues, we would perhaps be on our way to erasing the disease as opposed to just the symptoms as they pop up.


2 responses to “T-Pain + Adult Swim Bring Back Freaknik… The Musical

  1. Good stuff, Simon! Enlightening. And disturbing. But unfortunately not surprising.

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