Newsstands Be D*#%ed: Sports Illustrated on the iPad

Judging by the looks of this Sports Illustrated demo created by The Wonderfactory and Time, Inc., the Apple iPad is working hard to give print magazines a run for their money.

According to The Wonderfactory the iPad demo is, “an excellent example of how tablets will enable the creation of innovative, addictive experiences by publishers, media companies, and advertisers.”

Can’t you hear the collective magazine publishers shaking in their Barker Blacks and sweating out their Thomas Pink shirts? Or is this a sign that new technology should be accompanied by new leadership? Frankly, as cool as it looks and as convenient as it might be, I really like the tactile experience of turning pages. Call me “an analog girl in a digital world.”


One response to “Newsstands Be D*#%ed: Sports Illustrated on the iPad

  1. This just seems to be another step towards the death of print media – with all the publications that went under last year, I thought it was rather obvious it was only a matter of time. What REALLY shocked me was that publications like Vibe decided to revamp and relaunch following going out of print – as if somehow there would magically be a print media resurgence. #FAIL!!!

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